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PULAIDE garage gate since went into the market has insisted on the aim of “creating a German-style living environment for human” and organized production strictly in accordance with the industry standard ISO9001 Quality System, ensuring every product meeting the quality standard when put into market.
The company introduced the internationally leading “lean production management method” in 2004 and has been executing it all the time:
I. Customer decides the value framework of products. The company shares information with customers and creates special products and services meeting the needs of the customers at a certain time.
II. Change “batch moving” into “single moving”. Products are processed through every working section according to the process one by one and moved continuously. There is almost no conveying distance between procedures and neither goods in process; the quantity of goods in process can be greatly reduced and the production space is also reduced, so the production cycle is tremendously decreased, and the diversified market needs can be met.
III. Production is driven by customers. Production is made according to the needs and requirements of customers, so as to achieve real zero stock.
IV. Eliminate muda from industry value chain. Information is shared among departments in the enterprise to timely eliminate the muda such as excess production, production waiting, repetitive flow, product reworking, residual stock, etc.
The “lean production management method” not only greatly reduces stock, shortens production cycle, improves product stability and utilization of various sources (energy, space, materials, labors), but also decreases various wastes and production cost. Meanwhile, it ensures to continuously provide the products and services satisfied by customer.